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Come Explore with the Turtles

“With heart and helping hands, a child can accomplish anything.” - Unknown

In the Turtles classroom we are able to have up to 12 children at a time with 3 staff members. Children will learn and interact with their peers as well as having a fun but structured day. Our schedule is structured so the children can have a set routine on a daily basis but also flexibility since they are young children. The themes we do each week, art projects, and activities are all age appropriate and can be adapted for all developmental levels.   


    Linda Yang (Lead Teacher)
    Rosalie Snook

​​    Katrina Page

Group Time

    Counting 1-15 in English, Spanish, and Sign Language
    Zoo Phonics (the sounds each letter make)
    Our Alphabet songs that relate to learning the sound of each letter
    “Chicken Soup with Rice”- our big repetitive book
    Friends and teachers names

Parent/Teacher Communication

Child's Play Place, Inc. focuses on communication with parents and believes that having a good relationship between the staff and families is a top priority. We want to understand your expectations and be given the opportunity to partner with you in your child’s education. If you ever have any questions or concerns, Ms. Lindsey M is available by email, phone, or text. The Turtle room uses daily communication sheets for you to take home and one of our staff members can speak with you at pick-up time to relay information.

Nap Time

We start our nap time right after lunch from 12:00- 2:30. Children that wake up early from nap are given a quiet book on their bed until our nap time is over with. We suggest that every child brings a small sleeping bag/blanket and or pillow to cuddle with. Cots are provided. You will be responsible for taking nap items home at the end of the week to wash it and bringing them back at the beginning of the next week.

Winter Gear

Each family needs to provide their child’s snow pants, hat and gloves. We go out every day in the winter as long as the temperature allows us to. So please LABEL EVERYTHING WITH YOUR CHILD’S NAME!!

Summer Time

Children are required to bring in their own sunscreen, bug spray (if needed) and water bottle.  You can leave the water bottle here each night, as we clean them and put fresh water in them daily.  In the summer, we go outside twice a day and apply sunscreen every time we go out.

Welcome to the Turtle Room we are eager to get to know your family!