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Welcome to the Infant Room.

“Every child needs to be loved in gigantic quantities and with unbelievable quality” – Daniel Mackler

Our children range in age from newborn to approximately 9-12 months.

Our room is an "on demand" room.  Each child has his/her own schedule, which we will follow.   Communication is a very important part of each day.  We like to know how their night went, or any information that will help us meet your child’s needs. 

You will receive a communication form when you pick up your child.   It will give you times of feedings, diaper changing times, nap times and any information about your child’s day.   

We have a staff of four that will be caring for your child.  
Our ratio is 4:1

Audrey Fabus (Lead Teacher)

Carolyn Fowler

Leslee Battin

Morgan Wright

Our curriculum includes the following, but not limited to:

For newborn thru approximately 6 months:  tummy time, floor time, help with rolling over, assist with sitting up, holding a small toy.    They will also hear and see what the older children are doing.

From approximately 6 months thru 12 months:  music, singing, clapping hands, waving bye, finger play, reading to them, playing with a variety of toys and books and rides in the buggies when weather permits. 


Motor Skills: Picking up finger foods, using a Sippy cup, baby sign language for more and all done, provide things for them to learn to pull themselves up to, which will lead into that first step.

MEALS: When a child is ready for food, which is provided by parents, we will follow the meal times you request.  We will continue this until the child is ready for the food the center provides.   A menu is online for you to choose which foods you feel they are ready for.   We have highchairs in our room; which are used for all feedings.


NAPS: Each child will nap on their schedule.   They will each have their own crib.  We provide sheets.   We will rock them, pat or rub their backs to help them fall asleep.  We will try and follow their falling asleep pattern that is used at home.

Diapering: We have a diaper-changing table in our room and cubicles for each child’s diapers, which are supplied by parents along with, and any special ointments that might be needed.  We provide the wipes.

We look forward to getting to know you and your little one.