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Welcome to the Caterpillar Room! In the Caterpillar Room your child will learn through play, art, sensory, large groups, small groups, and outdoor activities.  Every moment of the day is treated as a learning opportunity from washing hands to observing nature outdoors.  The Caterpillar Room follows a daily schedule while at the same time maintaining flexibility to accommodate all developmental levels and the needs of all the children. Staff: Mary Chovance (Lead Teacher) McKenna Purves
​Rhonda Weaver Group Time: Calendar Weather Colors Shapes Counting 1-20, in English Counting 1-10, in Spanish Themed songs and stories Parent/Teacher Communication: Child’s Play Place, Inc. focuses on communication with parents and believes that having a good relationship between the staff and families is a top priority.  We want to understand your expectations and partner with you in the education of your child.  If you ever have any questions or concerns Ms. Laura is available via phone, email, or text.  The Caterpillar Room uses daily sheets for communication regarding toileting/diapers, nap, snacks, meals, and needed supplies.  Staff members are also available to speak with you at drop-off and pick-up times to relay information. Nap Time: Caterpillar nap time starts after lunch (about 12:45)-2:30.  Soft music is played and the children read books before the lights are turned off.  We provide a cot and a sheet and suggest that you bring in a small blanket for your child to cuddle with.  You will be responsible for washing your child’s blanket at the end of the week and bringing it back for the following week. Winter Gear: We go outdoors every day in the winter as long as the temperature will allow us to.  Every child will need boots, snow pants, a winter coat, gloves/mittens, and a hat.  There are a lot of winter items in the classroom so its important that all of your child’s winter items are labeled. Summer Time: You are required to provide sunscreen and bug spray (if needed) for the summer months.  We go outdoors twice a day and apply sunscreen each time (and bug spray if provided). Welcome to the Caterpillar Room!  We are so excited to get to know your family!     

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