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  Welcome to the Butterfly Room!

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited whereas imagination embraces the entire world...” Albert Einstein

Our program is slightly different from traditional programs in our area for the simple fact that our Learning Center is incorporated into our conventional childcare setting.  We believe that learning should take place all day long.  Curriculum should be flexible and extend beyond a project or time period.  It is crucial that above all the activity/curriculum is developmentally appropriate.  Concepts, goals, and expectations should be designed with the individual child in mind.  We believe that no matter the topic, activity/project or theme, it can be adapted or altered to meet the child’s need or level of development.

A few of the concepts and goals your child will be working on through the course of our program are:

    Following simple directions
    Writing own name or part of their name
    Listening to others
    Increase vocabulary

Children will accomplish these goals through daily interactions with their peers and teachers.

Staff in the class

   Hayley Tate-Shank (Lead Teacher)
   Miranda Garfield

​   Katelyn Jenkins

   Morgan McKee

Learning Centers

During the school year the butterfly room has two Learning Center times a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  The focus of the Learning Centers is: science, math, writing and language arts.  In addition to the Learning Centers we also teach Zoo Phonics, this is the same program used in DeWitt Public Schools.  


A crucial component to early childhood preschool programs is the monitoring and assessment of development.  Our class incorporates learning activities that allow for cognitive development, language, personal development, motor skills and social skills to be used and enhanced.  Ms. Hayley will complete assessments on each child not enrolled in an outside preschool three times a year, once at the beginning of the year, again in January and for the final time in May.

Additional information…

Parent/Teacher Communication

Child's Play Place, Inc. believes strongly in communication.  It is an important element in our relationships with parents and families.  We want to understand your expectations and be given the opportunity to partner with you in your child’s education.  Questions or concerns can be directed to Ms. Hayley.  Ms. Hayley’s planning hour is from 2-3pm Monday thru Thursday, if you ever want to meet or talk over the phone please let her know and she can schedule that into her day.  The Butterfly room does not do a daily communication sheet for you to take home; however one of our staff members can speak with you at pick-up time to relay any information.


September-May (school year) your child will have a specific day to bring show-n-tell, we will ask you to help your child choose an item that coordinates with either our letter of the week or theme of the week.  During the summer your child is welcome to bring one show-n-tell item a week on any day.

Nap Time

For children that are dual enrolled in both our learning centers and daycare we have a nap time from approximately 12:20pm-2:30pm.  Children that are not asleep by 1pm will get a quiet activity to do.  We suggest that every child brings a small sleeping bag/blanket and or pillow to cuddle with.  Cots are provided.  You will be responsible or taking nap items home at the end of the week to wash it.

Winter Gear

We ask that the family provide a bag that will hold the child’s snow pants, hat and gloves.  With such a large coat rack we have found this is the best way of keeping all of your child’s items together. LABEL EVERYTHING WITH YOUR CHILD’S NAME!!

Summer Time

Children are required to bring in their own sunscreen, bug spray and water bottle.  You can leave the water bottle here each night, as we clean them and put fresh water in them daily.  In the summer, we go outside three times a day and apply sunscreen twice a day.

Welcome to our class, we are looking forward to getting to know you and your child!